Canon Connect Station App for iOS and Android

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Canon Connect Station App

Canon Connect Station App is a free app that lets you use smart devices to browse, transfer and manage images on your Canon photo storage device (see below for compatible models).

Connect Station App is easy to use:
You just launch it to find the photo storage device on your wireless network.
Browse your photo storage device library and view full screen images.
Rename the album and add a comment using the on-screen keyboard of your smart device.
Add images from your smart device to your photo storage device library, and transfer images from your photo storage device to your smart device.

vital Records

  • If the Canon Connect Station app is not operating correctly, try again after shutting down the app.
  • Images include your personal information. Therefore be careful when posting images online where many others can see it.
  • This app is not guaranteed to operate on all devices.

Follow the link below to get the Canon Print Service App and full specifications

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