Canon Online Photo Album App for iOS and Android

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Canon Online Photo Album App

Canon Online Photo Album application lets you use Online Photo Album CANON iMAGE GATEWAY from your mobile device. With this app you can easily enjoy sharing your life with photos with your family and friends.

Canon Online Photo Album App


  1. Create albums with your photos and movies, and share them with your family and friends easily.
  2. Allows family and friends to add their photos and movies on shared albums and view their comments.
  3. Save the image in its original resolution or select the resize option.
  4. Check the shooting information, and organize your photos and movies using the information.

Features for guests

  1. View albums together comfortably.
  2. Upload photos and movies to a shared album.
  3. Add a comment to the shared album.

* Functionality is only available if the album owner allows its operation.

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