Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App

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It’s easiest to print your favorite memories on Facebook and Instagram right from your smartphone or tablet with the free Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app.

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App

How to access PIXMA Printing Solutions
The Canon Print app allows you as a user to access clouds directly from a compatible printer, mobile device or tablet. PIXMA Printing Solutions are now called Canon PRINT app.

Print Anywhere with Canon PRINT App
Do not blame for forgetting birthdays or other special occasions. With the Canon Print App, you can easily print from anywhere to anywhere. PIXMA Printing Solutions are now called Canon PRINT app.

PIXMA wireless printer
Users can directly connect a PIXMA wireless printer to an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to enjoy wireless printing and scanning from anywhere in your home or small office. You can even share your PIXMA Wi-Fi printer in your home or office, by connecting with multiple computers and smart devices.

Thanks to the free Canon PRINT app, and printers that support Apple AirPrint and Android printing plugins, printing from smartphones and tablets has never been easier.

PIXMA Touch & Print
Print or scan by touching smartphone with printer

With PIXMA NFC enabled printers, you just need to reach a PIXMA compatible NFC smartphone or tablet to print, scan your photos and documents.

Cloud Print & Scan
Enjoy tremendous freedom when printing and scanning using clouds

Get more out of your printer. With a cloud-ready PIXMA printer, you can print photos and documents stored online directly from the printer screen or through your smartphone or tablet using Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive and more!

You can even scan and upload files directly to the cloud service, or send your scans as email.

It’s time to get creative and create your greeting cards and calendars

Built into the Canon PRINT app, this feature lets tablet users create greeting cards, collages, calendars, and more, using photos stored on their smart devices or your favorite social networks like Facebook.

PictBridge wireless
Print your favorite photos directly from the wireless camera without the need to use a cable or transfer them to a PC first. You can just connect a compact or wireless SLR camera to a PIXMA printer that supports WLAN PictBridge and enjoy fantastic quality photos in an instant.

Access Point Mode
This is a solution if you do not have a router or access to a wireless network. Wi-Fi PIXMA printers that support Access Point Mode that can create an ad hoc wireless network – so you can easily print directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Canon PRINT or Apple AirPrint applications.

Only download the free Canon PRINT app and register your cloud-enabled printer to start creating your projects for family and friends.

Download the free Canon PRINT app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android smartphone and tablet.
This app will automatically find a compatible PIXMA wireless printer on a Wi-Fi network and let’s print and scan documents and photos with ease. You can also use this app with a cloud-ready printer to enjoy remote access to your printer via the internet and direct printing and scanning using the popular cloud services.

The Canon PRINT app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play


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