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What is Google Cloud Print and What can be done?

Google Cloud Print is a technology that lets you print to a wireless printer, whether you’re in the same room as your printer or on another continent. You may need to register your wireless printer before using this function.

Print using Google Cloud Print

You can print documents from on the internet connection from anywhere, including mobile phones and to any printer that we want. This technology is like a Printer Sharing that we usually find as in Offices that are only on one local network.

With Google Cloud Print technology, you can not only print documents on a local network but can also write papers through the selected printer, in settings and added to Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print supports two types of printers, the Classic Printer and a printer that features Google Cloud Print Ready. For users who are still using a standard printer, the printer must be connected to a computer or laptop connected to the Internet network. While printers that already have Google Cloud Print Ready feature, the printer can be directly related to the internet, without having to connect to a laptop or printer.

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Use Google Cloud Print
Print using Google Cloud Print
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